IT Hardware

IT Software

     Designer hardware
     Networking products

     Anti-Virus/Internet security
     Microsoft Operating systems
     Microsoft Office

IT Networking

IT Security

     Network products
     Network maintenance
     New installations
     Fault finding
     IP Experts

     Unified threat management
     Ransomware protection
     Phishing and spoofing protection

3-2-1 Solutions


     Encrypted cloud solutions
     Hardware firewall

     Business installation
     Home installation
     School installation
     Mobile WIFI

Back-up solutions

Service level agreements (SLA)

     Tiered solutions
     3-2-1 solutions
     Encrypted cloud back-up
     File management
     On-site back-ups

     Tailor-made agreements
     Total managed solutions

IT Audits

Document Solutions

     Annual audits

     Multi-function printer/copier/scanners
     High volume use
     Cost-per copy
     Extensive management reports

Hosted servers


     Outsource your Server to us

     Indoor and Outdoor

New Installations

IT Architecture and Design

     Replacing worn/outdated

     New Infrastructure – Quote from plans
     Step-by-step modular installation